There are numerous shades of grey with divorce

Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of family law so you are prepared no matter how dark it gets.

Our practice is dedicated to effectively and efficiently resolving our clients’ family law issues. With a tailored approach, our attorneys strive to provide clients exceptional, compassionate advice—always keeping our clients’ interests at the forefront while understanding the stresses these situations can place on them.
With our extensive experience in family law, we provide a wide variety of conflict resolution methodologies to handle family matters including dissolution of marriage, child support, child custody, asset division, prenuptial agreements and post judgment matters.


Going to court? Whether this is your first time in court, or you’re seeking a post-judgment appeal, our litigators will provide you with first-rate representation, protecting your interests at every turn.
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Need help working out the details? In family legal matters, disagreements happen. We’ll help you find a meeting point you can both agree on.
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Ready to handle things and move on?A collaborative approach to divorce is often the quickest, most efficient way to move forward.
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Representing yourself? If you plan to represent yourself in a divorce or other family matter, and need advice, we can help.
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